Absinthe Drink & Draw: Belle Epoque

Channel the influence of this infamous spirit in our monthly Absinthe Drink & Draw


Jan 30th 2018 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of our most charming venue during The Last Tuesday Society's Absinthe Drink & Draw, held monthly during the Society's most curious event programme.

Welcoming back the lovely Janet Mayer as our life model for the evening wearing her vintage lace & feather french couture.

Channel the influence of this infamous spirit as either a passive flâneur or following in the footsteps of the many nineteeth-century creative minds who gave themselves up to the "green fairy."

You are invited to indulge your creative flare as a true bohemian artiste with the influence of Absinthe in hand.

The World's most award winning Blanche Absinthe, La Maison Fontaine, will be served in the traditional Belle Epoque style for the daring.

£20 Tickets include a serving of Absinthe for each guest, drawing materials and life model posing for a mix of short to long poses in an intimate setting. Paper, charcoal and pencils will be provided. Sketch books are encouraged.

**Please note the bar during this event will be cash only. If needed, there is a free cash point just next door at Sainsbury's.