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The History of Perverse Sex - Illustrated Valentine's Zoom Lecture with Julie Peakman

In Collaboration with New York's Morbid Anatomy join Julie Peakman this Valentine's Day to find out all about The History of Perverse Sex

Feb 14th 2021 - Feb 14th 2021

Britain's Pagan Heritage with Professor Ronald Hutton - Zoom Lecture

Prof.Hutton Will examine our Magnificent Pre-Christian Heritage and examine how much of this it is possible to recover - Zoom Lecture

Feb 9th 2021 - Feb 9th 2021

The Celestial Bed of Dr.James Graham - Sex Therapist - Lydia Syson by Zoom

Dr.Graham guaranteed both ecstasy and fertility to the users of his infamous 18th Century Celestial Bed, Zoom lecture with Lydia Syson

Feb 7th 2021 - Feb 7th 2021

Witch Hunting Old & New - Ronald Hutton - Zoom Lecture

Join Professor Ronald Hutton on Zoom to find out why the notorious medieval and early modern European witch-hunts took place - in collaboration with Morbid Anatomy New York

Jan 26th 2021 - Jan 26th 2021