The Danse Macabre - FINAL TICKET RELEASE - Book Now

On 28th October, in celebration of All Hallows’ Eve, The Last Tuesday Society cordially and conspiratorially invites you to dance with your demons and exhume your darkest desires at this year’s famed and fabled Danse Macabre.


Oct 28th 2016 9:00 pm - 3:00 am

Clapham Grand Theatre

The Grand, 21 - 25 Saint John's Hill, London, SW11 1TT

Tickets starting from £10


* * *
Denizens of the night, there has been an error.  
Doors Open at 9pm (not as advertised)
We humbly beg forgiveness for this transgression and ask you to remember:

Bring your photo ID -  the venue checks and scans ID on the door.

The Last Tuesday Society applauds all things sartorial.
If your dress isn't fancy you might feel a little like a country cousin.
So...Have fun! Dress up! Create your Costume! Startle! Tantalise! Impress!

* * *

As winter rolls closer and the air hangs thick with the last dying breaths of summer's ease, it's time to gather in close, hot heat forming like a haze on a frenzied dance floor of perfect strangers, exchanging masked glances and electric flashes of skin brushing skin. Within the opulent surrounds of the Clapham Grand Theatre, allow us to beguile and bewitch you with the most sensual of sights and sounds; a whole host of spectacular happenings and irresistible possibilities. Don a dazzling mask and get lost in the crowd, and become what you choose, for a night, for a moment, for an experience, an adventure, and exploration, and then in an instant disappear once more like a ghost into the pulsing ecstasy of the Dance, to once again become what you will.


Full line-up to unfold...

Sarah Olivier - If all the world's oceans were champagne, and the stars were a million winking eyes all vying to take you home - that's the vast and ravishing sound of Sarah Olivier and her formidable band. Operatic rhythm and blues with a streak of cabaret and all the passion and pathos of the chanson of their native land. Sarah is a captivating and unpredictable storm of sensuality over impossibly and irresistibly driving bass, hypnotic drums, and seductively swaggering guitar and sax. Rip-roaring rock 'n' roll has never been sexier.

Rumpsteppers - Esteemed maestros of the decks, these gentlemen spin tunes from a vast array of styles and eras, all mixed deftly and astonishingly adorned with a maelstrom of vocal gymnastics. Never was a dance floor so dastardly delectable.

Chivaree Circus - The bizarre and the beautiful; the profound and the confounding; Chivaree Circus presents a freakish fête of feats to astonish and amaze.

Feral and Frolic - Everybody knows that theatregoers of old paid top dollar for the boxes due to the privacy such an enclave affords, and therefore the misdemeanors to be enjoyed therein. In a return to tradition the enchantresses of Feral and Frolic bring you the most invigorating of installations, the most tantalising temptations for your sinful satisfaction.

The Celestial Salon - High above the roaring thorough and whirling crowds, up in the gods where the smoke gathers and the stars seem almost within reach you may discover that some said stars have fallen and oh, how enticingly their sounds and song shall play upon your unsuspecting ears.

Dress Code: Don your finest attire, adorn yourself in your most magnificent garb and garm for The Last Tuesday Society. Upon your person allow to be evoked le fin de siecle, the sublimity of another world, another time where romance ran rampant alongside the decadent and depraved. Let opulence abound, indulge your carnal and coiffed delights.

Think masks and mystery; top hats and under garments; Tales, coats and tails' ruffles and bustles; shine and smut, ecclesiastical slut; byzantine glories, ottoman stories; Orion, the bitch, and the wardrobe; ballgowns and cannonballs; femme fatales; duels and jewels; cast out courtesans; banished banshees; nephilim exalted and exiled