The Last Tuesday Society's Cocktail Bar Celebrates its First RE-Birthday!

Let us re-introduce you to London's most curious cocktail bar Curating social experiences for the culturally curious


May 30th 2017  - All Day




One year ago, The Last Tuesday Society's cocktail bar & events programme was taken under new management by business owners Allison Crawbuck (Brooklyn) & Rhys Everett (London) bringing with them a mix of New York's subversive social scenes and London's blossoming cocktail culture. Think NY dive bar meets cocktail speakeasy, all wrapped up in your crazy great-uncle's Victorian home! 

Together, they've transformed The Last Tuesday Society into a meeting point for the culturally curious seeking a break from the obvious or apparent.

Sip on reverse engineered, vintage-style absinthes as you sit amongst the work of London's lost occultist 'Austin Osman Spare'. Grab the "Eyes Tied Shut," their signature twist on a New York Sour made with Evan Williams Bourbon, Lemon and Demerara, topped with Rioja and pomegranate molasses, whilst introducing yourself to the museum's collection of Chilean and Peruvian Shrunken Heads. Test your hand at an Absinthe Drink & Draw, exploring the ancient art of Japanese bondage, or learn about a unique history of the British Empire told through booze during their eclectic Tuesday night events programme. 

With a top Hat wearing Lioness, Hackney's only Zebra-corn, live reptiles, edible insects, flying kittens, skulls, bones, et al, guests are immediately immersed within the weird and wonderful world of Viktor Wynd's collection as they walk through the door — but layers of bewilderment begin to unravel with each round as a tempting collection of cocktails and welcoming staff ease all nerves.



a special surprise will be waiting for every customer that says "Happy Birthday" to a member of staff this week (12pm-11pm Wednesday 31st May - Sunday 4th June).

Waiting for you can include a cocktail with some of their select suppliers: East London Liquor Company, Harviestoun Brewery, Hendricks Gin, Ocho Tequilla, QuiQuiRiQui Mezcal, Sip or Mix Absinthes & Vinothentic Wines.

Or perhaps you'll receive tickets to one of their upcoming Tuesday night events, private hire of their infamous Sarcophagus Table or a sharing platter of edible insects!




Rhys Everett

Rhys has spent the last decade travelling the world, absorbing traditions and connecting with different cultures through the celebration of one commonly shared ritual that brings people together when found chartering new territory: the act of social drinking. Rhys has since developed his own methods to mixology, largely inspired by his travels — with a palpable interest in pre-ban Absinthe, Prohibition era cocktails & the unusual pairing of these classics to Viktor Wynd's Wunderkabinett. The Last Tuesday Society has become his platform to develop and re-create these most curious tipples, shared with guests through an eclectic menu of Cocktails, Absinthe and Scorpions. 


Allison Crawbuck

Hailing from Brooklyn's south side, Allison left NYC's art world in search for creative projects to stimulate her curiosity for the world's most subversive cultures. Central to her research has always been a fixation on alternative methods of exhibiting art — curating social experiences for the culturally curious. Before arriving in London, she worked on the launch of Google Cultural Institute's Street Art Project, an online curatorial project digitising the museum experience, & replacing ads with art for The Street Museum of Art's GOOD Cities Project, visually capturing the creative energy of New York through the work of three local artists projected on billboards across the city. 

Joining forces in 2016, Allison & Rhys' past lives have brought them to The Last Tuesday Society celebrating their unique connections between art & underground cultures, alternative nightlife and, of course, curiosity...