Tiger Woman – Betty May

Tiger Woman – Betty May, Aleister Crowley, Belle Époque Paris & Bohemian London, with Celine Hispiche.


Sep 19th 2016 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Betty May is born an impoverished girl in Limehouse, but earns ha'pennies and pennies by singing for sailors and dockers in Tidal Basin part of London's historic docklands. She escapes her loveless family life, inventing herself in the West End's decadent and Bohemian 'set'.

Her extraordinary relationships include the legendary Bohemian and society painter Augustus John, and mixing with Society characters Horace de Vere Cole, Ronald Firbank, William Orpen, Aleister Crowley, Nina Hamnett, Jacob Epstein, Iris Tree, Madam Strindberg, Lillian Shelly and Nancy Cunard in London's West End and the Golden Age at The Café Royal.

Her journey weaves her through 'Belle Époque' France and the wild gang lands of Paris, involving herself with L'Apache a notorious and dangerous set which reveals Betty May's true strength of character and earns her the nickname – 'Tiger Woman'.

Back in London she falls in love with, and marries, the young and handsome Oxford Graduate Egyptologist Raoul Loveday, only to find she is locked in battle with his overwhelming mentor, Aleister Crowley, the occultist and self-proclaimed 'Beast', where in Crowley's secret temple Loveday mysteriously dies after a ritual blood sacrifice.

The Bohemian love/hate relationship between Betty May and artist Nina Hamnett becomes fruitful, after a Fleet Street campaign to expose Crowley brings them unexpected rewards and new found Fitzrovian friendships, fun and philanthropy at The Fitzroy Tavern.

Celine Hispiche began her career as a featured writer at The Royal Court Theatre. She has seen her plays being performed and broadcasted on LBC in both London and New York. Presenting on Capital Radio as a teenager and interviewing bands gave her the springboard into music with both singing and song writing.

From performing on the main comedy stage at Glastonbury to supporting Harry Hill at the Hackney Empire she has been involved in lots of interesting and alternative shows at The Victoria & Albert Museum, The Café Royal, The Theatre Museum, The Old Vic and Wilton's Music Hall to name but a few.