The Viktor Wynd Collection is contains both modern and historical Curiosities, & includes a decaying chocolate John Major lollipop, Mermaids, Stuffed Squirrels Playing Cards, Scientific Instruments, Specula, Two Headed Lambs, Kittens, Calves & Babies, Blood Squeezed from a Stone, Shrunken Heads, a key to the Garden of Eden, Celebrity Excrement, Curious, Silly & Obscene Books, Furbies, a Piece of Bone & a Bullet removed from a Childs Foot, Tribal Art, Tin Toys, Magic Soap, a Casket Containing Some of The Original Darkness Moses Called Down Upon Earth, Stone Age Tools, African Masks, Stone Axes, Beautiful Stones, Hairballs, Prison Drawings, Bladder Stones, Dandy Relics, Sea Monsters, Submarines, Outsider Erotica, Unidentified (& Unidentifiable) Oddities, The Preserved Front Bottoms of Victorian Prostitutes, Wooly Pig, Human Remains, Dead Babies, Artificial Foreskins, Loo Roll Doodles, Napoleon's Death Mask, The Preserved Penis of a Prize Winning Boar, Ethnographica, Victorian Dolls, Broken Children's Toys, Penis Bones & Much More