Natural History

The World is a large place and filled with all manner of living creatures that once dead would be at home in the museum, alas The Viktor Wynd Collection can never have it all but includes Dodo Bones, Extinct Bird Feathers, Elephant Bird Egg, A Huge Collection of Skulls from The Extinct Auroch To Elephants, Mice, Albatros, Unicorns, Lion, Cow & Parrot, Animal, Bird (& Human) Skeletons, from a Swan & a Flock of Birds to a Giant Anteater incorporating a Porpoise, Coati, Mole & More, A Giant Japanese Spider Crab,Fossils & Minerals, Birdwing Butterflies, Tropical Bugs, Dead Spiders, Hallucinogenic Cacti, Corals (Alive & Dead), Sponges, Worms, Parasites, Giant Isopod, Coco de Mer, Giant Bean Pods, Sea Horses, Pebbles, Giant Clam Shells, Beautiful (& Obscene) Molluscs, Taxidermy, Antelope Heads, Stuffed Birds, Fish, Monkeys, Dogs, Mummified Rats, Mice, Cats & a Piglet, Crabs, Crustaceans, Crocodiles, Lobsters, Tube Shells, Sponges, Every Single Species of British Butterfly