Events & Exhibitions



Valentine's with The Hallouminati & Balvenie Whiskey

Six courses of the finest and most fragrant cheeses shared with us by The Dark Knight of Cholesterol and masterfully paired with Balvenie Whiskey

Feb 13th 2019 - Feb 13th 2019

The Mummies of Aseki & The Islands of Love

Gone With The Wynd Expedition Number Three An expedition to See The Mummies of Aseki, Visit The Islands of Love & Search for The World's Biggest Butterfly

Oct 18th 2019 - Oct 28th 2019

The Dark Side of Aphrodisiacs: A Valentine's Special

Join us at The Last Tuesday Society for a delectable evening as we delve into the darker side of Aphrodisiacs with food artist Caroline Hobkinson with author Lana Citron.

Feb 11th 2019 - Feb 11th 2019

Doomed Decadence: A Cultural History of Absinthe in London

Join us as author Phil Baker explores the Cultural History of Absinthe & the Green Fairy's influence over Britain's most debauched absintheurs.

Apr 2nd 2019 - Apr 17th 2019

The Ghost - a Cultural History with Susan Owens

Susan Owens on her book - The Ghost - a Cultural History

Mar 25th 2019 - Mar 25th 2019

Fabian Peake on Mervyn Peake

Fabian Peake on his father Mervyn Peake

Apr 29th 2019 - Apr 29th 2019

Owen Davies on Cunning Folk

Distinguished Academic Professor Owen Davies will talk about Cunning Folk - Local Practitioners of Magic

Jun 24th 2019 - Jun 24th 2019

International Absinthe Day: Tasting & Talk with Jade Absinthe

Tasting & Talk with founder of Jade Liqueurs, T. A. Breaux, and Jenny Gardener of Sip Or Mix.

Mar 5th 2019 - Mar 5th 2019

Mervyn Peake, an Exhibition of Certain Rare Dreams

An exhibition of extraordinary drawings, illustrations and paintings by the celebrated author of Gormenghast

Mar 27th 2019 - Sep 14th 2019

Absinthe Drink & Draw x CRUCIFIX

Channel the influence of the Green Fairy during our Absinthe Drink & Draw with Janet Mayer wearing the haute couture designs from CRUCIFIX

May 14th 2019 - May 14th 2019