The British Academy of Taxidermy

Teaching the World To Get Stuffed Since 2009 The UK's largest Selection of Taxidermy Classes

Join Master Craftsman Tonja Grung for a large variety of Taxidermy Classes at The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities in Hackney or our Islington Workshop.  Our courses are suitable for both the beginner and the experienced Taxidermist, since 2009 we have taught literally 100s of classes and many of our graduates have gone on to become enthusiastic and talented amateurs and even professionals.  Join us for one of our classes - whether you just want to have a greater understanding of how it works or think it could be the beginnings of something greater

Anthropomorphic Mouse or Rat

£50 or two for £70

(£10 supplement for mole payable at class)

regular weekday and weekend classes - click here for full details 


Bird Taxidermy - Crow or Canary

From £100

monthly week end courses - for more details please click here 


Anthropomorphic Squirrel Taxidermy

£90 or two for £150


Anthropomorphic Mole Taxidermy

£50 or two for £70


Mammal Taxidermy - Puppy or Hedgehog 

from £100


Butterfly Mounting, Preserving & Presenting




Snake Taxidermy




Fox Taxidermy



Deer  Head Taxidermy



Goats Head Taxidermy



Anthropomorphic Crab Taxidermy


Ethical Audit - The Academy was founded by committed, life long vegetarians.  Animal welfare is top of our concern and no animals have been killed to take part in any of our courses,  all specimens are sourced responsibly and are either byproducts or waste products from vermin control, road kill, zoo/pet deaths & the food & pet industries.  We devoutly believe that more cruelty goes into the production of one bacon and egg sandwich than goes into the whole of our courses