Paintings, prints, sculptures, photos of the amourous from all over the world

On the walls of The Sarcophagus chamber is a small, and informal, survey of the world’s sexual predilections, including Japanese Shunga (they’re enormous), Chinese watercolours (they enjoy company), Austrian Etchings (pretty filthy), Hans Bellmer prints, French Watercolours (look fun)  and English Outsider Porn (filthiest) elsewhere are 19th century illustrations of monastic life (explaining perhaps contemporary French anti-clericism), oriental jade dildos (available to hire), an extensive library (including ‘The Naughty Nun,’ ‘Group Sex – a How To Guide’, ‘Sex Instructions for Irish Farmers’ and ‘Shopping Centre Sex,’  small pecker condoms, enlarging soap, an orchidometer, clean shoes.

A painting from Tongwinjam Spirit House in Papua New Guinea  illustrating the origin myth of the village’s Dog Clan,  – long ago there were men, women and dogs.  The women preferred the dogs because they were big and stronger than the cowardly men and fed them well from their hunting.  The dogs kept them in their caves and made sure that they were the only ones to touch them and every evening they would make love to them.  At some point, which was not clear, the women got tired of the dogs and conspired with the men to get rid of them.   They waited with bows and arrows and stones next to a long rope bridge and when the dogs returned from the hunt and were all on the bridge cut it at both ends, drowned them all and married the women. Painted by Nanius Marira in the 1980s and bought by Viktor Wynd in Tongwinjam, Sepik River, Papua New Guinea. Nov.2018