Viktor Wynd’s practice is the museum, within it are many of his bronze & porcelain sculptures, drawings and other excretia,

Works include

‘In a Dark Wood Wandering’  Porcelain Figures, 2020+

‘Strange Dreams of My Mother’  Egg Sculptures – mainly on the ceiling

‘Drawings i Would Have Bought by Van Goth, Gericault, Petrus Christus, William Blaek etc but Couldn’t Afford so I copied them’

‘Poems i Would have Written But The Buggers Got There First’

‘The Sorrows of Yougn Wynd’  – multiple Suicide Self Portraits, 2006

‘Self portrait as a Goat, Cow Cat, Unicorn etc’  Taxidermied Mannequins

‘A Post-Modern Wilderness of Lost Youth’ Drawings