Folk Belief in The Ancient Mediterranean – Prof. Marguerite Johnson – 5 part Lecture Series

In this five-part series, Marguerite Johnson takes you on a journey over land, sea, sky, and into the ethereal world of folk belief in the ancient Mediterranean.

Entities of land and sea – Prof Marguerite Johnson

In this talk, we look at some examples, ranging from dryads and other assorted nymphs to the ketos (a huge sea-monster), and the folktales

Female Demons – Prof Marguerite Johnson

We begin with Mesopotamian child-snatching demons, also known to harm mothers, and the magical devices to trap them

Shapeshifters – Prof Marguerite Johnson

In this talk, we meet these fearsome witches, along with werewolves, who did not choose to transform but had transformation forced upon them

Beauties and beasts – Prof. Marguerite Johnson

In this talk we consider the tale of Cupid and Psyche and explore how folktale and fairytale influence generations of tellers

Tall tales – Prof. Marguerite Johnson

this talk incudes modern comparisons – from weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein's human-shredder