Devil’s Botany is hosting a Halloween Launch Party at The Last Tuesday Society on Wednesday 27th October 18:00 – 21:00 for newly released Absinthe Regalis

As Sure As The Devil’s In London

Raise the Spirits with Devil’s Botany this Halloween. Celebrate the launch of Absinthe Regalis, a traditional yet mysteriously exotic elixir resurrecting the city’s untold absinthe history.

Channel the spirit of the Green Fairy and dress as your wildest self. Prizes will be given away throughout the night for the best dressed.

Toast to the curious craft of London’s 18th century apothecaries. Eccentric figures and merry rascals — these peculiar characters, considered a friend of the Devil by some, amassed the reputation as collectors of the world’s most unusual elixirs.

£5 Ticket includes a glass of Absinthe Regalis upon arrival. Special £6.66 absinthe cocktail menu will be available all night.

Entry times are staggered to allow for safe social distancing. Select your preferred time of arrival: 6PM, 7PM or 8PM.

Resurrecting London’s Untold Absinthe History

While the city was drenched in madness and merriment from what would become known as the Gin Craze, it turns out The Green Fairy was already running rampant across London.

Devil’s Botany Distillery has unearthed a key to the origins of absinthe that had previously remained unknown. Nearly a century before the first commercial absinthe distilleries opened anywhere else in the world, London’s dram-drinkers were already enjoying an early precursor to absinthe made by the city’s apothecaries. Praised for its revitalising flavour, this noble aperitif has been found most effective in raising the spirits of Londoners for over 300 years.

Devil’s Botany Absinthe Regalis Batch 01 on sale now. Only 500 bottles available!

Event only suitable for 18+