Across Thirteen Rivers and Seven Oceans

A young king, who wants to be a good leader, sets off on a journey to find the wise and beautiful princess who lives beyond the thirteen rivers and seven oceans. His guide, a learned parrot tells stories that help him to see the injustices suffered by the people he rules. Deeply troubled, he is anxious to heal the kingdom. But is he the right person to do it? The parrot invites the princess to tell the most powerful story of all; a true story that opens the king’s eyes to previously unimagined possibilities. But it is the people who have the most important lesson of all to teach him.

This story of a young man’s journey to wisdom and a wise people’s struggle for justice is explored through folktales and true stories from South Asia.

Created and performed by Kerima Mohideen these stories address issues of global heating, climate justice, land rights, gender and inequality


Kerima Mohideen is a trained storyteller and educator. She trained at the School of Storytelling at Emerson College where she created her first hour long storytelling performance, If the Trees could Speak which she has performed at meetings about the rights of Indigenous people in India at Amnesty International, the School of Oriental Studies and the Brunei Gallery (SOAS) and also as a standalone performance at the Oxford Storytelling Festival, Beyond the Border, A Bit Crack in Newcastle and several other storytelling clubs. Before training as a storyteller, she worked as an English and Humanities teacher in inner London schools and have many years’ experience creating materials to develop oracy and literacy skills and to raise awareness and stimulate discussion about colonialism, gender and the environment.

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Jan 17th 2024 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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