Two Part Course

Part One – Sunday 14th November 7pm-9pm

Part Two – Sunday 21st November 7pm-9pm

Ticket is both parts

We need Chaos Magick more than ever since the explosion of magickal thinking that has followed the lockdowns. People are getting into magick without a critical perspective, resulting in the current rash of deranged conspiracy theories. Chaos Magick provides multiple perspectives, a beacon of magickal sanity in a world gone mad.

Join this course and learn about belief as a technique, about the use of extraordinary states of consciousness (gnosis) and discuss theories old and new as to what makes magic work.

But mainly come along to learn what things we need in order to do magick, and then to do some!

This mini-course, two two-hour sessions, will include banishing, formulating magickal intentions, gnosis, evocation and invocation. Sigils are covered in the separate, complementary course Sigil Magick.

Dave Lee is a magician, breathwork coach and writer. He has spent over four decades exploring consciousness and changing realities, using techniques that include meditation, magick, psychedelics and energy work. He is a leading light in the Chaos Magic organization the Illuminates Of Thanateros and a Master of Rune-Lore in the Rune-Gild.

Nov 14th 2021 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Nov 21st 2021 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm