Beastly Sneak!” Rescuing Other People’s Diaries

This illustrated lecture will consider the fatal doom that usually awaits private diaries of real people once they stop keeping themselves, and why the Great Diary Project has come into existence to safeguard their thoughts and cares for the long-term future. Is this aim pointless and fruitless? No! Why not? Come and see!

For a peak preview of some of the amazing diaries under discussion, check out ‘The Great Diary Project’: Home – The Great Diary Project


Dr Irving Finkel is serving a life-sentence as curator in the British Museum, where he reads cuneiform tablets of clay from ancient Mesopotamia (modern Iraq). The chance acquisition of a box of orphaned manuscript diaries about twenty years ago led to the founding of the Great Diary Project, driven forward by an excited vision which has proved to be entirely justified. He is the author of the Ark Before NoahThe First Ghosts, and other classics. He has five children and five grandchildren. He believes that writings and books and museums are the greatest of human productions.

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29th Sept 2024 8:00 pm - 09:30 pm

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