Cornwall is an ancient land steeped in legend and myth. From Granite to Sea explores the folklore of the often-overlooked eastern reaches of the rugged Cornish peninsula; at the heart of which lies Bodmin Moor. This beautiful and remote land of granite, which forms the Cornish highlands, inhabits eighty square miles across the central spine of eastern Cornwall. A wild and mysterious place, where folklore permeates every hill, rock and river. Inhabited by piskies, giants and conjurors, who in turn control the old trackways, hilltops and weather.

From Granite to Sea is the first book to comprehensively focus on the folklore of Bodmin Moor and eastern Cornwall, and Alex Langstone will talk about why he wrote the book and will focus his favourite folkloric landscapes and narratives that have emerged from some of the remotest coastal and moorland communities across eastern Cornwall.

Jul 4th 2021 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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