Cornish legends and healthcare – Charlotte MacKenzie

Cornish folklore includes tales of astrologers, charmers, wells, and witches, and the part they played in sickness, healthcare, and recovery. This talk describes interconnections between some of these legends, historical individuals, and healthcare in Georgian Cornwall. The society of ‘skilful aunts’ on the Isles of Scilly. William Borlase’s descriptions of the composition of waters from Cornish wells, and their reputed healing properties. Cornish recipe books and family healthcare.


Charlotte MacKenzie is the author of nine history books, seven of which are about Cornwall. Including Cornish legends (2022). Charlotte won the 2016 Cardew Rendle prize awarded by the Royal Cornwall Museum. Her current research on folklore and healthcare received a grant from the Q Fund. She was previously a senior lecturer in history at Bath Spa University.

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