Introduction to Rune Magic / Runic Sorcery

Two Day Workshop

Day One Saturday 3rd April 6-8pm

Day Two Saturday 10th April 6-8pm

(tickets are for both events)

What are runes?

How do we use them for spellcasting?

How can we tell if a rune in a reading is positive or negative?

Learn the basics of the Elder Futhark so you can makes spells for anything you wish – prosperity, health, security, inspiration, success, justice, concealment, communication and more – and that’s just the start!

You’ll create your own set of rune-cards and learn how to do divination with them. You’ll learn how to sing rune-galdor, how to create bindrunes, and you’ll put these practices together to make your own runic spells.

Dave Lee is a magician, breathwork coach and writer. He has spent over four decades exploring consciousness and changing realities, using techniques that include meditation, magick, psychedelics and energy work. He is a leading light in the Chaos Magic organization the Illuminates Of Thanateros and a Master of Rune-Lore in the Rune-Gild.

His books include the ground-breaking Life-Force: Sensed Energy in Breathwork, Psychedelia and Chaos Magic

Apr 3rd 2021 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Apr 10th 2021 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm