Sharon Jacksties takes you on a pan-European mythological journey that ends in Britain and Ireland, a melting pot of our Celtic, Classical and Norse heritage. A traditional storyteller for several, but never enough decades, she will be telling stories from her latest book in which she has journeyed from being a writer of folk tale anthologies to this immersion in the myths of Gods and Goddesses. Join her as she gives a voice to our mythological landscape that speaks to us across the ages…

Layer by layer, talking through time itself, these tales of the ancient gods and goddesses make up the bedrock of the mythological landscapes of these islands. Through the ages this has been the meeting place of successive cultures, each bringing their own stories to glorify those beings with super human powers. Despite their immortality, these divinities are nevertheless vulnerable, depending on the voices and memories of people to celebrate their wondrous exploits. This evening you will meet some of the divinities once revered throughout Britain and Ireland, not through lists in some dusty encyclopaedia, but through the stories of their deeds, famous and infamous in equal part. The listener will enjoy the tales themselves and in the unfolding insights they bring to the different cultures that they represent.


Sharon Jacksties has been a professional storyteller for over 30 years. She runs storytelling projects with all kinds of groups in Somerset, London and Romania, and regularly teaches storytelling at Halsway Manor, England’s only residential centre for the traditional arts. She has won the national Crick Crack Grand Lying competition twice and is the author of three previous folk tales volumes.

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