“Alexandrian Witchcraft: A Century of Legacy – An Enigmatic Journey through the World of Alex Sanders and the Tradition of Witchcraft he created”

Join Sharon Day as she delves into the intriguing world of Alex Sanders in this three-part lecture series titled “Alexandrian Witchcraft: A Century of Legacy.” The question of how and why the Alexandrian Tradition has survived and thrived throughout multiple, often starkly contrasting decades ranging from hedonism to despair, prosperity to crashes, will be a running theme. In this vein, attendees’ personal experiences and thoughts about Alex, Maxine, and the Tradition will be especially welcome during the Q&A.

Lecture Three: “Post-Alex Era: The Expansion of a Legacy”

The final lecture brings us to the post-Alex era, tracing the expansion and evolution of Alexandrian Witchcraft since Alex’s death in 1988, and the influential phenomenon he didn’t live to witness – the rise of the internet in the 1990s and its subsequent surge in the 2000s, which created an unprecedented landscape for the spread of both Alex and Maxine’s teachings and influence across the globe.

It could be said that the indelible imprint left by Alex Sanders on modern witchcraft through his daring flamboyancy in the 60s allowed for many modern witches to come out of the broom closet whilst Hollywood also indulged his dynamic through film and televisions series (eg: “The Craft”, “Charmed”) not to mention Pop Culture, animation, and literature.

Looking through the lens of the future perhaps some of the questions we should be asking include:

Is the magic Alex the magician and witch was known for and imparted to the tradition he created lost as the Craft becomes more visible?

Could mainstream visibility mean witchcraft only becomes recognised in terms of its superficial archetypes and cliché?


Has digital mainstream visibility prompted a counter-opportunity for practising witches to refocus on the inner path of their work?

Are we in fact experiencing the antithesis of what happened in the 60s when Alex raised awareness of the Craft?

That is to say, is the tradition Alex forged on the public stage in fact destined to return into the shadows as more witches shun and/or withdraw from exposure to mainstream visibility?

Sharon Day Bio

American by birth and British by marriage, Sharon’s academic career included one year in Japan as an exchange student in 1980. She would return there, having graduated from law school in New York City in 1992, with her husband, also a lawyer, when he took up a post in Tokyo years later.

After repatriating to London in 1997, Sharon felt drawn to esotericism and the occult, subsequently discovering what she felt was a vocation within Alexandrian witchcraft. Her search for suitable training and practical experience took her from London to Australia, the United States, and finally back to London, where she became the personal student of Maxine Sanders, co-founder of the Alexandrian Tradition.

Today, she leads the Coven of the Stag King in London under the eldership – and discreet guidance- of Maxine.

Sharon is also the founder of Rose Ankh Publishing Ltd, a book publisher of unique occult, historical, philosophical, and biographical works (www.roseankhpublishing.com) as well as an online historical archive dedicated to the Alexandrian witchcraft tradition (www.alexandrianwitchcraft.org).

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Jan 11th 2024 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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