Sharon Jacksties will tell tales from her collection of Somerset Folk Tales published by the History Press

These Somerset tales, newly collected or retold with a strong sense of the land and the waters that shaped them, reflect our enduring interest in the natural landscape. Let these stories from the Summer Lands take you on a journey: across wind-wild moors that plummet to treacherous tides traversed by sea morgans; on a scramble from gorges shaped by the Devil’s spite to caves dwelled in by bitter witches. Discover ancient mines and dragons’ haunts, and emerge into forests and fields to be befriended by bees or bedevilled by fairies; then stroll beside ancient waterways, where willows walk and orchards talk. From Gwyn ap Neath to Joseph of Arimathea, your travelling companions will meet you from legend, history and living memory – from the places where they were once known best. Sharon Jacksties has a sharp eye for the landscape of Somerset and the seen and unseen stories that it holds, a sympathetic ear for the dialect of the South West, and a playful wit that brings this collection of tales to vivid and delightful life.


Sharon Jacksties has been a professional storyteller for over 30 years. She runs storytelling projects with all kinds of groups in Somerset, London and Romania. Sharon was up until recently UK’s ambassador for the Federation of European Storytelling Organisations, until Brexit stopped play. She has won the national Crick Crack Grand Lying competition twice and is also the author of three subsequent folk tales volumes.

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