The Nazis and UFOs

Various claims have been made about the possible development of flying saucers under the Nazis. All surfaced after the end of the Second World War and some of the wilder ones did not appear till the 1980s. Is it possible that the Third Reich succeeded in developing some kind of workable flying saucer? The evidence is contradictory but there is a strong chance that some kind of flying disc managed to fly successfully towards the end of the war. It is also noteworthy that the first wave of UFO sightings in America coincided with the arrival of Nazi scientists under Operation Paperclip. The notion is fascinating and by no means as implausible as often imagined in spite of the more extreme claims made by some of its advocates. Did the Nazis build and fly some kind of flying saucer type machine? Is it not at all impossible.

Michael FitzGerald is a historian of the Third Reich. He is also the author of ‘Adolf Hitler: A Portrait’ which won an award for historical biography, and ‘The Making of Modern Streatham’, written jointly with his Janet. In 2008 he was the principal contributor to the Discovery Channel programme, ‘Dark Fellowships: The Vril Society’, a topic which features in the present book. He has also given numerous talks to a variety of organizations over the years. ‘The Nazi Occult War’ was published by Arcturus in 2013 , he is also the author of ‘Hitler’s Secret Weapons,’ ‘Unsolved Mysteries of World War Two’ and ‘Hitler’s War Beneath The Waves’ published by them over the last four years.