The Seed Sistas’ Passion Potion Workshop

“Drops of Desire” Feel more alive, sensual, sexier; ignite your passions…

Welcome to one of our most beloved subjects…. herbal aphrodisiacs

Discover our favourite erotic flowers and foliage

Passion Potion unleashes the sensual dragon within. Us Seed Sistas developed this potent magical potion as a party adjunct but soon realised harboured within, was something with a whole lot more potential that just some mindless fun.

Over the years we’ve weaved wonders with this potion, igniting passions between couples, personal passions or even to attract someone sexy! Warning…. This potion is powerful, so be careful who you give it to.

During the evening we will –

-Discuss herbal aphrodisiacs

– explore the individual plants and preparations in the passion potion

– touch on herbal energetics

– look at practical applications

– practice some exercises, affirmation and breathwork that enhances our Passion Potion

We cordially (and a little wildly), invite you to this fun, exciting evening.

The Seed Sistas are community herbalists, have practiced and taught herbalism and yoga for over 20 years they combine their creativity and study to bring a broad spectrum flavour to everything they do. They re-define what it means to be successful, connecting people to their own local plants and more autonomy in health-care. They have run apprenticeships in Sensory Herbalism for 15 years as well as spoken at international events on specialist subjects such as passion, psychedelics, myth and story all through the lens of being herbalists. They run a community interest company promoting the development of community medicine gardens.