The Viktor Wynd Museum is Delighted to present Anna Barlow’s second solo Exhibition taking over the whole of the museum’s window.

Anna Barlow makes sculptures using realistic ceramic representations of ice cream, cakes and other sweet foods as a basis to tell a story or to build a fantasy around food.

It is the juxtaposition of temporary ice cream and permanent ceramic that inspire me to produce one in the other. To solidify a fleeting, melting moment and highlight a relationship between the soft and the solid.

It is both a reverence of food and an old trick that has lasted for hundreds of years – we love to be fooled by a material pretending to be edible- and we love food.

An undercurrent of competitivity, anxiety, consumerism and performance is usually lurking beneath the surface of a three tiered ombre butter cream piñata cake. Age old fears, joys and tragedies tend to go hand in hand with a gathering of people around a cake…