Devil’s Botany invites you on a wild botanical walk at the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park E3, one of London’s Magnificent Seven Victorian Cemeteries. Closed to burials since 1966, the Cemetery is now a Local Nature Reserve and home to an extraordinary diversity of woodland and meadow plants.

On the guided walk, wild food enthusiast and Park Manager, Kenneth Greenway, will share his insight on how to safely identify edible plants that can make for great cocktail ingredients. Guests can enjoy samples of the plants along the way and collect botanicals to take home with them. The guided foraging walk will then venture through Mile End Park and along the Canal, ending at The Last Tuesday Society where guests will enjoy a tasting of three Devil’s Botany London Absinthe cocktails that incorporate some of the wild botanicals foraged on the walk.

Devil’s Botany London Absinthe is an exquisite aperitif reminiscent of a British meadow. Distilled with a bouquet of the finest botanicals, Absinthe’s historic trinity of grand wormwood, green anise and fennel seed is expertly blended with local botanicals such as elderflower, lemon balm and meadowsweet that can be found growing wild across London.

Event suitable for 18+ only. This is a walking intensive event and will go on as scheduled rain or shine. Recipes for the wild botanical cocktail ingredients will be shared with guests after the event to recreate the Devil’s Botany serves at home.


Devil’s Botany is London’s first Absinthe distillery, celebrating the forgotten elixirs of London’s curious past. Launched in 2020, their original recipes call upon the traditions once mastered by the apothecaries of 18th Century London, the vast herbarium of flavours they housed and the botanical elixirs concocted. Hidden within their recipe books was a key to the origins of absinthe that had previously remained unknown. Nearly a century before the first French or Swiss absinthe distilleries opened, London’s dram-drinkers were already enjoying a precursor to the botanical spirit made by the local apothecaries. Delightfully bittersweet and clear in colour, the noble aperitif has been praised for its revitalising flavour and found most effective in raising the spirits for over 300 years.

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is truly the historic green heart of Tower Hamlets with 31 acres of broadleaf woodland in a closed 19th century cemetery. The Cemetery Park has an outstanding variety of wild plants and animals as well as plants which give clues to its history.

10:00 – 14:00