Violent World and Devil’s Botany Present:

My Bloody Valentine

at The Last Tuesday Society 11 Mare Street London E8 4RP

Monday 27th February 2023

Bar Opens 6:30pm / Film Starts 7pm

Violent World (Los Angeles) and Devil’s Botany (London) will be presenting a series of movie Mondays at The Last Tuesday Society, featuring grindhouse classics spanning a range of horror and cult films, many formerly banned video nasties, curated by creator/editor Bill Blood. Tickets include a Devil’s Botany Absinthe Highball upon arrival.

My Bloody Valentine (1981)

According to local legend, the sleepy mining town of Valentine’s Bluff has a dark history. After a tragic mining accident twenty years ago left five dead, one traumatised survivor sought bloody vengeance. Harry Warden tore out the heart of the foreman responsible. He was never apprehended, but with the gruesome murder came an eerie warning: there would be more bloodshed should the town ever celebrate Valentine’s Day again. When a group of friends decide to ignore the warning, a mysterious maniac in mining gear begins to kill again. Has Warden returned to fulfil his dreadful promise? This atmospheric 1981 Canadian slasher directed by George Mihalka stands out among others of its ilk, with solid enough performances and above average production value, and a bit more character development than we usually see in slasher movies, while still delivering gory frights!

Violent World Magazine features tattoo art inspired by horror, exploitation and cult cinema. It was created in 2020 by tattooer Bill Blood, a lifelong horror fanatic who has spent the last twenty years tattooing in New York City and Los Angeles.

Seeking to combine his two creative obsessions, film and tattoos, he gathered like-minded tattooers from across the US and abroad to contribute original art based on their favourite violent films. “We’re a small independent publication” explains Blood, “it’s a passion project made by fans with a deep love for horror movies and trash cinema in general for other rabid fans that share our appreciation.”

Devil’s Botany is the UK’s first Absinthe distillery — founded by Directors of The Last Tuesday Society. Distilled with a background in mixology, the Devil’s Botany range has been expertly crafted to highlight absinthe’s versatility in cocktails. Resurrecting London’s untold absinthe history — Devil’s Botany is calling on the next generations of absinthe drinkers to unleash their creative side.

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Additional Violent World and Devil’s Botany Film Nights will be hosted on: 20/03, 10/04, 29/05, 26/06, 10/07

Bar Opens 6:30pm / Film Starts 7pm
£15 includes a Devil's Botany London Absinthe