Harness the powers of nature in your very own magick cocktail bitters making workshop. Whether it is luck, love or protection from evil you’re after, there is an herb or spice that’s been known to conceal the hidden virtues you require.

Join co-Founder of Devil’s Botany & Director of The Last Tuesday Society, Allison Crawbuck, for a magically-charged absinthe tasting and magick cocktail bitters-making workshop.

Guests will receive a Devil’s Botany London Absinthe cocktail on arrival.

Our in-house expert will focus on the botanicals incorporated in the distillation process or each absinthe and explore their different magical uses.

Guests will then unleash a taste of history with a glass of the traditional British Devil’s Botany Absinthe Regalis. This recipe for this absinthe was inspired by a 1718 herbal elixir discovered in the recipe books of London’s apothecaries.

Finally, guests will be invited to create their own cocktail bitters based on their chosen natural flavours and supernatural powers. Your finished botanical bitters is the perfect gift or addition to your home bar to add a magically-charged twist to any classic cocktail.

More Dates to be announced! Email [email protected] for additional information