Since the dawn of magic, spirituous offerings have appeared in mystical rituals across the globe. Enchanted elixirs, blended and brewed with nature’s most sacred botanicals have long been called upon for their higher powers. During this event, authors Allison Crawbuck & Rhys Everett will explore how they’ve unearthed tales of old to craft drinks that pay tribute to the specific people, cultures and ideologies that have shaped human understanding of all that is otherworldly.

Whether you’re serious about cocktails or the occult—or just getting acquainted with either one—this ingenious blend of mixology and magic will add a drop of mystery to every drink you make.

During this spirited lecture, the authors will map out the esoteric philosophies and drinking rituals that fuelled the dark arts of their time from Ancient Arcana, Dark Arts in the Dark Ages, Renaissance Magic to the Occult Revival.

The talk includes a welcome Devil’s Botany London Absinthe cocktail on arrival.