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Katarina Rose has created a fictional place called ‘The Field’ inhabited by a motley bunch of creatures . They have been brought together through some unknown force of nature, & untold obstacles have littered their lives. There are all sorts of animals, both indigenous to the U.K, & more exotic breeds that have escaped from pet shops or some other form of captivity. Together they live in a world that represents her thoughts & observations on life.

Characters include ‘Confuse Us’ the would be Spiritual guide, who is full of pointless advice; The Mariachi fake mermaid Sisters & their traveling sideshow; a tattooed magpie; a street artist bat; a budgie who suffers from delusions of grandeur; a depressed albino mole whom everyone thinks is a ghost; A touring magician called ‘The Great  Pretender’; ‘Madame Bon- Bon’ the sweet sadistic vole who makes lipstick from beetle’s blood; ‘Amazing Grace’ the crayfish who miraculously escaped a grizzly end in the form of a paella… saved only by the incompetence of the chef. There are squirrels, a lizard, a parrot, pygmy shrews, rats, mice & many more creatures living in ‘The Field’ under the watchful eye of our protagonist; the great inimitable all seeing, all knowing’ Moltar’. He’s a fortune telling Mole who unknowingly creates the moral foundations from which everyone can grow. “He’s also the first character I created & the one I am most fond of.”

Katarina Rose

Katarina Rose studied Sculpture at Wimbledon Art School & worked as a Costume Propmaker/ Scenic artist/ Window Installation artist for several years in London, before setting up her own studio in Dorset.

In 2016 she was awarded an Arts Council Grant to develop her work into site specific spaces & was selected to create several pieces for ‘b-side’ Festivall & for The RWA exhibition ‘Strange Worlds: The Vision of Angela Carter’. For many years she has created sculptures in snow & ice including a room in The Icehotel , Lapland, 2017. She is
returning this year to build a giant snow cloud installation room for 2018.

Starring: Vida, Rab, Oshi, Lord Elgar, Medal Mouse, Minty, Malin Gonzales, Black Magic (and Amazing Grace), The Great Pretender, Thor & Marguerite, Confuse Us, Madame Bon - Bon, Blondie, Old Salt & Luna de Sancha, Gilda, The Mariachi Sisters, Silent Sy, Bolt, Fernando III, The Sky Countess, Vermouth, Dr.Love, Not Brian, Moltar, Sholtar & the World's Only Dancing Mole.