Exhibition Opens Thursday May 18th 6pm


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Runs till end of September

Dear friends and art lovers, You are invited to the private view of an exhibition of new work by Magnus Irvin. The works, are
integrated within the museum’s fascinating permanent collection. Many of them are interactive.
During the exhibition which will run from May 9th until 23rd September 2017, Mr. Irvin will present occasional performances and films to invited audiences.
Please do come to the private view and join us in the comfortable ground floor space with a
splendid bar where the artist himself will be present and available for conversation. For one
delightful afternoon and evening the world will be a more curiouser place.

Welcome to the Fly Club
If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this exhibition please contact the artist or a proper psychiatris

Magnus Irvin is an artist. He was born, lives and works in London. His work reflects an interest in institutions such as the seaside, music halls, pub culture, street furniture, ectoplasm and the
He works in a wide variety of media including film, printmaking, publications, cardboard sculpture, live performance and cake.
He is interested in travelling, marine conservation and fishing.