Our Collections

Field for the British Isles

A hyper- normal backdrop spawns fake saints and bad seeds Walk slowly in your wonder…sleep naked, talk to trees

Fine Art

From British Surrealism to Old Master Etchings, from Mervyn Peake to Tessa Farmer

Fairies, Mermaids, Unicorns & Giants

From Mummified Fairies to The Skeleton of a Mermaid

Cabinet of Monsters

The Largest Public Display of Animal Monsters in the UK - from a Two Headed Kitten to an Eight Legged Lamb

Magick & The Occult

Items used in Ritual and Traditional Magic, The Gnostic Temple of Agape, Scrying Tools, a Mandrake Root & a Magic Teacup

Austin Osman Spare

The museum's 'Spare Room' contains the largest public display of The great Occultists Work anywhere in the world

Dead Pets

Unfortunately, over the years, some of Viktor Wynd's pets have died - here are some of them

Human Hair

Human Hair is a Curious and Wonderful Thing, both to make things out of and as Relics of The Dead


Sometimes Magickal Objects, touched by The Divine


Stephen Tennant, Quentin Crisp & Sebastian Horsley

Creatures of the Deep

Giant Crabs, Sea Shells, Isopods & Mermaid


Loving, and not so loving, Illustrations of The Beast With Two Backs


Leonora Carrington, REuben Mednikoff & Grace Pailthorpe

Dead People

Human Skulls, Shrunken Heads, Dead Babies in Bottles

Dead Animals

From the Skull of a Mouse to the Skull of an Elephant, from Birds & Bees to Butterflies


Lovely Worms that Wriggle and Tickle inside Your Bum


Masks & Masquerades from London to New Guinea via Mexico & The Congo


Broken Children's Toys & McDonald's Delights


From The Naugthy Nun to How to Fake Exhibition Poultry by way of Rats for Those Who Care

Relics of Extinct Birds

Dodo Bone & Great Auk's Feather

Viktor Wynd

Drawings, Sculptures & Other Excretia