Magickal Mummified Moles Feet


Mummified Magickal Moles Feet From a Practicing Service Magician To Protect Against Evil

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Moles have traditional been used in  Magical Practices since at least the dawn of time – from their appearance it is clear that they are not of this world, but very much of this earth.  Moles have been used for divination and in amulets for protection – particularly against toothache and cramp, but also against evil (which may or may not have a hand in the former)

We recently acquired some Mummified Moles feet from a practicing Service Magician in Suffolk for our museum and thought we would sell some here.  It is suggested that you carry one or two of these feet in with you for you protection.

please note price is per foot.


Our supplier tells us no moles were killed just to make these charms – they are the by product of the pest control industry.

Perhaps now would be an appropriate time to make a plea to all gardeners to not only tolerate moles but to love them – the mole hills are a good source of potting compost and the holes aerate the ground, please leave them be.



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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 cm