The Infected Museum: Viktor Wynd at The National Maritime Museum, Cornwall

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Fully illustrated hardback catalogue to the exhibition  Viktor Wynd’s UnNatural History Museum within The National Maritime Museum, Cornwall running until December 2022

Introduced by The Museum’s Director Richard Doughty With Essays by art historian Adrain Dannatt, artist Mark Dion, Historian of Museums Arthur MacGregor & Richard Pell – Director of The Center for Postnatural History




Viktor Wynd’s UnNatural History Museum

Myth, Magick, Legends, Love & Freaks,


Welcome to the inside of artist Viktor Wynd’s mind, a place peopled by Unicorns, Fairies, Giants, Mermaids, myths, legends and dreams.   A voyage to the monsters that live in the depths of his subconscious, from a two headed kitten and a two headed teddy bear to a selkie’s foot, a babie’s caul and a magical jar of moles.   Viktor Wynd is a ‘pataphysical artist who uses museum objects in the way that other artists use tubes of paint, a writer who presents his novel on hand written museum labels.   Founder and proprietor, since 2009, of London’s infamous & eponymous Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & UnNatural History he invites you to come in. enjoy and exit through The Egress

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ISBN 183845960X
ISBN-13 9781838459604
Pages 71 (31 full colour photographs)
Published 2021


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