This winter let Viktor Wynd share a nightcap with you, tuck you into bed and tell you Fairy Tales to send you into a deep sleep of strange dreams. In this first session Mr.Wynd will tell you some of his very favourite fairy tales from Ireland, featuring a talking corpse, a Merrow (which is very similar to a mermaid, but not at all the same), the good people (who may be fairies, and may not be that good), a changeling child (or possibly two) and the very devil himself.

Viktor Wynd, proprietor of London’s eponymous (nay infamous) Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & UnNatural History has spent the last twenty five years telling stories to audiences across the globe. Fascinated by traditional fairy tales his repetoire includes tales from The Brothers Grimm, The Arabian Nights, Scandinavia, Russia, Italy, France, Irieland, Africa, Papua New Guinea & North America – so far.

Mr.Wynd will be drinking Malmsey Wine (Madeira) this Sunday evening and strongly recommends you do too – or perhaps a glass of Marsala Wine or even Whiskey. That said if you would rather have a cup of cocoa or chamomile tea that would also no doubt be delightful, though you may find that not only will an alcoholic drink help you enjoy the stories, but, certainly if you ahve enough, help you to slip into a deep sleep as well

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