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Join Viktor Wynd on Collecting Expeditions to Papua New Guinea & Beyond

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The Absinthe Parlour

Visit The Last Tuesday Society's Award-Winning Absinthe Parlour for Cocktails & Curiosities

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The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities Fine Art & UnNatural History

The 'Pataphysical Wunderkabinett in the Heart of London's East End, From Relics of Extinct Birds, Old Master Etchings & Dead People to Broken Children's Toys, Fairies, Mermaids & Unicorns, taking in Creatures of The Deep, Dandies & Erotica

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Digital Events

Hekate : Meeting the Goddess of the Crossroads – Melissa Madara

This lecture will examine Hekate's pre-historical origins, her rituals in the PGM, her demonization in the Roman empire, and her evolution

Introduction to Planetary Herbalism – Melissa Madara

This lecture is an introduction to the art of planetary herbalism- a practice with roots extending deep into the ancient world

Working the Poison Path : Poisonous Plants for Witches – Melissa Madara

We will explore the mythology, history, and science of poisonous plants, providing an informed pathway for further exploration

Potions, Elixirs, & Magical Brews – Melissa Madara

This lecture will cover - herbal preparation involved in potion making, potions their components and uses and magical beverages from history

The Witch’s Guide to Crafting Oils, Salves, and Unguents – Melissa Madara

In this lecture, we will look at a history of magic oils, salves, and unguents, examining spells from the ancient past to understand why these substances have become so iconic

The Mythology & Folklore of Magical Plants – Melissa Madara

Join Catland co-owner Melissa Madara for a storytelling session & analysis of some of the most infamous plants in the witch's apothecary

What's On

Love, Dance & Ecstasy: The Modern Cult of Dionysos-Bacchus with John Kruse – LIVE

The Greek deity Dionysos is often called the “coming god:” the god who is coming to join the party- he’s always about to manifest himself in the fumes of wine and dope.

Absinthe as Liquid Muse: The Drink That Fuelled Art & Literature with Allison Crawbuck

Absinthe — there is no spirit so notoriously favoured by the rebellious minds of art & literature. Explore the green fairy's influence over creative minds of the Belle Epoque

Hell Époque: Death-Themed Cabarets of 19th Century Paris with Vadim Kosmos

A talk to illuminate the origins & fates of Fin de Siecle Paris’ craze for morbid drinking dens

Fin-de-Siècle Satanism in Bohemian Paris with Madeleine Spencer

Explore the phenomena of Parisian Satanism from its deep roots to the blossoms of decadent diabolism as it played out in art, literature, and strange cults.

Let me be mad! The Origins + Rituals of Absinthe Exhibition

London's First Exhibition on the Origins + Rituals of Absinthe

Badass Women – Rebel Women from The Apocrypha – Marcelle Hanselaar

Rebel Women from The Apocrypha

Museum Departments

Cabinet of Monsters

The Largest Public Display of Animal Monsters in the UK - from a Two Headed Kitten to an Eight Legged Lamb

Dead Pets

Unfortunately, over the years, some of Viktor Wynd's pets have died - here are some of them

Austin Osman Spare

The museum's 'Spare Room' contains the largest public display of The great Occultists Work anywhere in the world

Magick & The Occult

Items used in Ritual and Traditional Magic, The Gnostic Temple of Agape, Scrying Tools, a Mandrake Root & a Magic Teacup

Fairies, Mermaids, Unicorns & Giants

From Mummified Fairies to The Skeleton of a Mermaid

Fine Art

From British Surrealism to Old Master Etchings, from Mervyn Peake to Tessa Farmer


Expedition to West Papua & The Asmat People

Asmat Cultural Festival and Exploration

New Guinea’s Raja Ampat Islands – Birds of Paradise & The Coral Triangle

an expedition by boat on search of Red & Wilson’s Bird of Paradise. Dugongs, Cetaceans, Village Feasts, The World’s Best Snorkelling & Diving....

Expedition to West Papua & The Asmat People

An Extraordinary journey by boat into one of the world’s last great wilderness $3500 per person

New Guinea’s Raja Ampat Islands – Birds of Paradise & The Coral Triangle

an expedition by boat on search of Red & Wilson’s Bird of Paradise. Dugongs, Cetaceans, Village Feasts, The World’s Best Snorkelling & Diving....

Voodoo in Benin – a Collecting Field Trip to West Africa with Anthropologist Dr.Louise Fenton

Ceremonies, Shrines, Masquerades, Fetish Markets & Tribal Kings - also in 2024

The Mummies of Aseki & The Islands of Love

Gone With The Wynd Expedition Number Three An expedition to See The Mummies of Aseki, Visit The Islands of Love & Search for The World's Biggest Butterfly