Beowulf – performed at bedtime by Hugh Lupton

Beowulf is the oldest story in the English language – and it still has the power to raise the hairs on the back of the neck.
It tells of a hero’s life, a life mapped by three blood-curdling encounters.
As a young man Beowulf fights the monster Grendel and his even more terrifying Mother (the original creatures from the Black Lagoon).
Then, at the end of his life, he tries his strength against a gold-guarding Fire-Drake. The story explores the journey we all make from the seeming invincibility of youth to the heroic vulnerability of old age.


Hugh Lupton has been a professional storyteller since 1981. He tells stories from all over the world, but his particular passion is for the hidden layers of the British landscape and the stories and ballads that give voice to them. He is also a lyricist and a novelist and has published many collections of traditional tales. His novel ‘The Assembly of the Severed Head’ explores the moment the Mabinogion moved from being part of a fluid oral culture to becoming a written text.
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