Buddhist Folk Tales

Join Kevin on his personal journey through Buddhism as he shares with you; tales from previous lives, tales both ancient and modern, tales of talking animals, tales to make you weep, laugh and cry and tales that will stay with you when the telling has ceased.  Here are lyrical stories telling the birth of Buddha and also how the current Dali Lama was found. There are humorous stories…why the King of the Monkeys wanted to rule the universe, the archer who changed his king’s whole outlook on life and a talkative turtle trying to fly with the birds. Most of the stories are from the Jataka cycle, stories from over two thousand years ago, told by Buddha about his previous lives. Some of these are well known, some of them influenced western writers, as it is believed the soldiers of Alexander the Great and other travellers may have brought them back, so we have stories similar to The Golden Goose, The Lion and the Mouse and even Chicken Licken. Many of the stories deal with the human condition and are quite deep, almost distressing at times. And there is an original story written by my good self, that brings together research about the ‘missing years’ of Jesus. Over forty stories in all and many illustrations.


Kevin Walker has been a professional, oral storyteller for over twenty years, working with most age groups and performing at clubs, festivals, historic venues and schools. Recently he has taken a retirement sabbatical to concentrate on writing and published Queer Folk Tales in 2020 and has his next collection of stories, Buddhist Folk Tales, published in February 2022. He is also working on his first novel, based on folk tales, Shadows and Light, the life of Oberon, the King of Faerie and another collection of Queer Tales based mainly on medieval documents.

He is raring to get back to telling.

He lives at the moment, in Leicester with his husband Martyn and Daisy dog, but they are all getting itchy feet so will be moving soon.