Franz Kafka and his view on life

Step into the surreal world of Franz Kafka through a thought-provoking lecture that illuminates the cryptic writer’s unique perspectives on life. Explore the intricate web of existential themes, absurdity, and alienation woven throughout his works as we delve into Kafka’s introspective gaze. Discover how Kafka’s vision challenges conventional notions of reality and identity, offering a profound exploration of the human experience. This is a lecture that aims to wake an engaging exploration of Kafka’s perspective on life, where the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary, and the familiar becomes a window into the depths of the self and society.


Lena Schattenherz Heide-Brennand is a Norwegian lecturer with a master degree in language, culture and literature from the University of Oslo and Linnaeus University. She has been lecturing and teaching various subjects since 1998. Her field of interest and main focus has always been topics that others have considered strange, eccentric and eerie, and she has specialised in a variety of dark subjects linked to folklore, mythology and Victorian traditions and medicine. Her students often point out her thorough knowledge about the subjects she is teaching, in addition to her charismatic appearance. She refers to herself as a performance lecturer and always gives her audience an outstanding experience

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30 May 2024 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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