Geomitica – the Mythology of Shape – Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher’s Geomitica literally means “the mythology of shape”.

It creatively combines surface shapes with artistic and allegorical narrative. Parables and symbolism abound. Geomitica unleashes our spirits and lets them soar.

The essential set of shapes are capable of astonishing feats of design.

Each square and triangle in the Geomitica series only needs a few pieces to form the next size up. How do they achieve such tiny increments in size?

Regular tiling systems simply don’t do this.

What are the key geometric principles for creating tiling patterns?

Form follows function, so different applications dictate different geometric systems.

Decorative paving, vibrant tilings and acrylic paintings broaden the scope of Geometric art.

What further manifestations may we expect in future?

This is an art form whose geometric discipline becomes an underlying strength.

It reaches across the frontiers between abstract art, hidden symbolism and vibrant imagery


Adrian Fisher MBE is the world’s leading innovator and creator of mazes of all kinds, full of challenges, discovery and fun. For over 40 years he has been transforming the traditional idea of getting lost into state of the art attractions, experiences and adventures, each with a compelling narrative and storyline. He is the world’s most prolific designer of hedge mazes in the history of gardening. His company is the world’s leading supplier of mirror mazes, with over 60 installed since 1991. His portfolio of over 700 full size mazes can be found across 42 countries. He is also an established pioneer of Geometric Art, combining the mathematics of Geometry with the vibrant art of colour, materials and texture, to produce his distinctive Geometrica creations.He is ranked by The Guardian newspaper as one of the top 50 in the UK.He lives with his wife Marie in the village of Durweston in Southern England. Their garden contains a castellated Folly Tower with mirrored chamber and spiral staircase, at the centre of a yew hedge maze.

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