Let Hugh Lupton tuck you into bed and tell you tales of Ghosts and Faeries

Beltane and Samhain (May-eve and Hallowe’en) are the two points in the year when the boundaries between the worlds grow thin. As the light wanes and autumn’s chill deepens into winter, the stories of Samhain have a darker hue than those of Beltane. The spirits of the dead mingle with the more malign forces of Faerie.  In this storytelling performance Hugh Lupton will invoke the spirit of the season with stories of Tam Lin, Fionn McCumhail, the Ferrishers and various ghosts.


Hugh Lupton has been a professional storyteller since 1981. He tells stories from all over the world, but his particular passion is for the hidden layers of the British landscape and the stories and ballads that give voice to them. He is also a lyricist and a novelist and has published many collections of traditional tales. His novel ‘The Assembly of the Severed Head’ explores the moment the Mabinogion moved from being part of a fluid oral culture to becoming a written text.