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Two modern adventurers sought a treasure possessed by the legendary” Wild Men of Borneo.” One found riches. The other vanished forever. Had he shed “civilization” or gone mad? Global headlines suspected murder. Lured by these mysteries, Carl Hoffman journeyed to find the truth, discovering that nothing is as it seems in the world’s last Eden. Tracing the entwined tales of Michael Palmieri, one of the world’s most successful tribal art field collectors, and Bruno Manser, the Swiss environmentalist who abandoned Western society to live among the Penan nomads of the rainforest, Hoffman reveals both the grandeur and the precarious fate of the one of our last wild places.

Carl Hoffman is the critically acclaimed author of five books. His New York Times bestselling Savage Harvest: A Tale of Cannibals, Colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller’s Tragic Quest, was a New York Times “Editor’s Choice,” a NY Times best seller and one of the Washington Post’s 50 notable books of 2014. The Last Wild Men of Borneo was a finalist for the Banff Mountain Book Competition and an Edgar Award. The Lunatic Express was one of the Wall Street Journal’s ten best books of 2010. His most recent, Liar’s Circus, was named one of Kirkus Review’s 100 best books of 2020. He is a former contributing editor to National Geographic Traveler and Wired magazines and he has travelled on assignment to eighty countries.