The Occult Foundations of Nazism: The Thule Group and the Vril Society:

These two groups were relatively small but their influence on history was profound. It is not too much to claim that without them Hitler would never have come to power in Germany. Most of the early leaders of the Nazi Party belonged either to the Thule Group or the Vril Society or, in many cases, both. Their influence on Hitler’s thinking and the subsequent course of the Third Reich was enormous. The two organisations were steeped in occultism and while Thule mainly believed in the existence of a lost continent whose descendants became the ancestors of the Aryan race Vril believed in the existence of superior beings who lived in an underground world at the centre of the earth and possessed the secret of a mysterious force called Vril power. The society’s members attempted to learn the mastery of Vril so that when the subterranean beings emerged on to the surface of earth its members would be their equals rather than their slaves. Claims have also been made that the groups received telepathic messages from Aldebaran and were able to build flying saucers.

Michael FitzGerald is a historian of the Third Reich. He is also the author of ‘Adolf Hitler: A Portrait’ which won an award for historical biography, and ‘The Making of Modern Streatham’, written jointly with his Janet. In 2008 he was the principal contributor to the Discovery Channel programme, ‘Dark Fellowships: The Vril Society’, a topic which features in the present book. He has also given numerous talks to a variety of organizations over the years. ‘The Nazi Occult War’ was published by Arcturus in 2013 , he is also the author of ‘Hitler’s Secret Weapons,’ ‘Unsolved Mysteries of World War Two’ and ‘Hitler’s War Beneath The Waves’ published by them over the last four years.