Wild Welsh Tales

The waters of the Severn sea whisper and roar, and on the voice of the waves come the tales sailing downstream – the many myths of Britain’s longest river; from her birth in the hulking mountains of mid-Wales, as she’s joined by her chorus of countless tributaries to at last bleed into the wide channel flowing away from our lonely island and out into the cold North Atlantic.

Join Kestrel Morton for an evenings voyage where together we may listen to the whispering waters and hear the stories from the mouth of Y Môr Hafren – the Severn sea itself.


Kestrel Morton is a queer, non-binary storyteller currently living by the sea in the Vale of Glamorgan. A vivid and energetic performer, Kestrel captivates audiences with their unique and spellbinding stories that blend past into present with a dreamlike poetry and a sharp-eyed vision for the patterns of the world that connect us all. Having honed their art telling in forests, caves, abandoned buildings and quarries, Kestrel’s voice carries with it the echoes of the wild edges where the lines between the real and the mythic are blurred and the otherworld overlaps with this one.

don’t worry if you miss it – we will send you a recording valid for two weeks the next day