Tracing the influence of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology on the poetry and prose of Oscar Wilde. A genius who stood with one foot in the philosophies and romances of the ancient world and one in Catholic theology, Wilde’s passions continue to inspire and influence literature and art to this day. This talk will combine an overview of Wilde’s life and philosophy peppered with readings from his poetry and prose to illustrate how he saw the world and what this can teach us about the ways in which we understand ourselves today.


Robin Herne is the author of a number of books on pagan and esoteric subjects, including “Pantheon – the Egyptians” (published by Moon Books) which explores the realm of Kemetic mythology. He lives in East Anglia and regularly lectures on a wide variety of topics both academic and spiritual. He enjoys painting, poetry, baking, history, and is owned by a malamute.

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6th May 2024 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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