A Bestiary of Austin Osman Spare
Curated by Stephen Pochin of Jerusalem Press
Jan 11th – July 10th 2023

If you are coming to see the exhibition do please book tickets in advance online – our gallery is not like most galleries – there are tables and chairs, absinthe & cocktails – which we think adds to the appreciation of the work and encourages people to sit by their favourite painting for hours on end, but can make some pictures harder to see when we are busy so please come at opening time for the best view

Stephen Pochin of Jerusalem Press has curated a special selection of Spare’s singular art featuring animals. From cats and dogs, to eagles, owls, horses, and satyrs we have corralled  a rich cross-section of fauna.

From early drawings to late pastels in colour,  this themed survey spans 50 years of this visionary London artist’s uncanny art.
“Forgotten and famous at the same time, Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956) is now a cult figure, much mythologized since his death. Controversial enfant terrible of the Edwardian art world, Spare was hailed as a genius and a new Aubrey Beardsley, but instead, he fell out of the West End art scene and went underground, living in poverty and obscurity in South London. Absorbed in occultism and sorcery, voyaging into inner dimensions and surrounding himself with cats and familiar spirits, he continued to produce extraordinary art while developing a magical philosophy of pleasure, obsession, and the subjective nature of reality.” – Phil Baker

Our new guide book includes a fully illustrated 30 page section on the exhibition with essays by Phil Baker & Stephen Pochin, essays on Dandies Stephen Tennant by Philip Hoare & Sebastian Horsley by Viktor Wynd, Voodoo in Benin by Dr.Louise Fenton, The Stolen Child by W.B.Yeats, The Changeling Child by Thomas Crofton Croker, an introduction to our museum and a miscellany of objects and their labels.

We would like to thank our Patreons and purchasers of Austin Osman Spare Prints whose support has financed this exhibition

The Exhibition will be accompanied by a series of lectures in the museum

Feb 13th
Visons of The Occult – Victoria Jenkins
Feb 20th Phil Baker on Austin Osman Spare

April 24th
The Tarot Deck of Austin Osman Spare with Jonathan Allen

June 5th
Austin Osman Spare and the Funambulatory Way – Michael Staley