The Anglo-Mexican Leonora Carrington (1917-2011) was one of the twentieth centuries most important artists & Surrealists, sometime lover of Max Ernst & long term resident of Mexico City.  Viktor Wynd first became aware of her work through reading her extraordinary short stories and novellas as an impressionable teenager, they opened his eyes and changed his world.  He has been collecting her work for the last ten years and has lent work to The Museum of Modern Art in Dublin & The Tate for their retrospectives.  The collection comprises some 35 works – paintings, drawings & prints  This exhibition was originally curated by Dr.Catriona McAra for Leeds College of Art & is accompanied with a catalog edited by her with essays by Dame Marina Warner, Susan Aberth & Viktor Wynd with a short story by Gabriel Weisz – Leonora’s son.


Download the Catalogue Here