Mermaids, usquaebach & other spirits of the sea: How maritime myths and drinks collide, presented by Millie Milliken x Wet Ink

‘The mermaids, they come once a year, they climb the struts of Brighton Pier, they come to drink, they come to dance, to sacrifice a human heart.’ Mermaids, Florence + The Machine

From sightings from distilleries in Scotland, to tales of luring tipsy sailors from their ships, being paraded at Victorian parties and being woven into pub culture, mermaids have a surprising and inextricable link with the world of drinks. Spirits and cocktail writer Millie Milliken takes us on a journey to decipher these tipple-themed truths from the myths and discover the modern ways in which the term (and its proximity to debauchery) has evolved.

Wet Ink x The Last Tuesday Society

To mark the launch of her new content, event and tastings company, Wet Ink, spirits and cocktail writer Millie Milliken has joined forces with home of Devil’s Botany, The Last Tuesday Society, for a series of talks that combine her love of drinks with their sometimes offbeat and unusual cultural histories.

From July, she will be hosting three talks:

15 July – Mermaids, usquaebach & other spirits of the sea: How maritime myths and drinks collide

16 September – Cowgirls, country and Calamity Jane: How cowgirl culture has been interwoven with drinks

18 November – Witchcraft, whisky and magical drinks: How whisky, drinks and witchcraft have had a murky relationship

There’ll be welcome drinks and themed cocktails from the team at The Last Tuesday Society, themed playlist links too and a chance to discover some of the spirits linked to the topics.

Doors open: 6:30pm for drinks
Talk: 7pm – 8pm including a Q&A
Bar: 8pm-9pm for drinks and guests are invited to visit the museum during this time.

Grab your ticket to Mermaids, usquaebach & other spirits of the sea: How maritime myths and drinks collide now!


Millie Milliken x Wet Ink

Millie Milliken is an award-winning spirits and cocktail writer whose work has been published in the likes of the Evening StandardClub Oenologique and Wallpaper*. Through her new content, events and tasting company Wet Ink, Milliken wants to tell more stories about spirits and cocktails that don’t normally ever get told. From mermaids, to cowgirls, tarot to witchcraft, she takes a different angle to educating consumers about the magical world of drinks.