The Book

'Viktor Wynd’s Cabinet of Wonders' will be published by Prestel Autumn 2014

"An insanely delightful how-to guide on becoming a mentally ill, cheerily obsessive eccentric hoarder told with lunatic humor and absolute joy. Viktor Wynd is a sick orchid who seems like the perfect man to me."
-John Waters-

Reviews & Press

The Times Literary Supplement

'One of the Great Latter-day Collectors'

The Guardian 

'charts the depths of his oddball accumulation and tours the homes of other eccentrics, providing advice on how to start your own collection of freakish finds.'

The World of Interiors

'this sumptuous volume - part aesthetic manifesto, part confession, part Argos catalogue redesigned by a Florentine madman - is an utterly enthralling guide to an unsettling personality'

Country Life

'Mr.Wynd seeks not to educate, but to subvert, to show the world not in a grain of sand but in a Hackney basement'

The Antiques Trade Gazette

'a whimsical, macabre romp through 'Wyndworld'

The Eastern Daily Press

'The Strange World he has created is beautifully detailed in his new book'

The New Statesmen

'a dreamy, Gothic melange of curiosities and taxidermy - A rebours meets World of Interiors' 

Philip Hoare - Book of the Year


'An ornithologist’s wet dream is just Wynd’s discarded plastic bag which he bought because he could' 


'The book itself is perfect: size, weight, smell, gorgeous design, the full monty, and whether through shock, amusement or disgust it refuses to be parted from your hands.'

Viktor Wynd's gallery and shop in East London is arranged with the sensibility of a 17th-century Wunderkabinett. It displays and sells an eccentric and seemingly random collection of objects - everything from shrunken heads to narwhal tusks, united only by the sense of wonder they inspire in their curator. Now, Wynd takes readers on a tour of homes, private collections and museums that share his fondness for things arcane, desiccated, antique, or just plain odd. The book visits rarefied locations lovingly curated to by dilettantes, bohemians and artists: from David McKinley's rambling Devon farmhouse and its historic taxidermy to an Italianate villa in East London built near tower blocks; to the House of Dreams Museum and artist Marcelle Hanselaar's studio. It also includes advice on how to start a collection of your own, covering details on auction houses, private dealers, flea markets and fairs, and shows that having distinctive taste does not necessarily require a massive budget. Designed in a style that reflects its author's delightfully idiosyncratic perspective and with illustrations by the Theatre of Dolls, and photography by Oskar Proctor, this book is dedicated to collecting the wonders of the world.

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