Taxidermy Academy Timetable

Mouse / Mole / Rat / Rabbit / Crow / Squirrel / Snake / Puppy / Hedgehog / Crab / Fox & Goat Taxidermy Courses from £35 Anthropomorphic & Naturalistic

May 1st 2015 - Dec 31st 2020

Hendricks Museum Tour

Join Viktor Wynd, proprietor of The Museum for an intimate tour of the museum, accompanied by a Glass of The World's Most Unusual Gin (& T)

Apr 20th 2016 - Jun 4th 2018

Stories on a Sunday With Giles Abbott

Join Master Storyteller Giles Abbott and just twelve guests around the Sarcophagus in Lion's Chamber of Our Museum's Wunderkabinnet for Monthly Storytelling evenings

May 10th 2015 - Jul 9th 2017

The Lecture Series

The Society runs London’s longest running literary salon and has put on over 500 literary talks and lectures.

Jan 1st 2016 - Jan 31st 2017

Cocktail Masterclass

Get Behind The Bar & Learn To Make (& drink) four classic cocktails (with our own classic twist)

Jun 10th 2015 - Oct 31st 2016

Tessa Farmer - The Return of The Fairies

The Fairies return and take over The Wunderkabinett

May 23rd 2015 - May 31st 2016

Alasdair Gray / Gunter Grass /Mervyn Peake

In The Hendrick's Gallery an exhibition of Art Work by three of The Twentieth Centuries Greatest Writers Alasdair Gray, Gunter Grass & Mervyn Peake Alasdair Gray prints for sale

Sep 23rd 2015 - Jan 31st 2016


The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History is now Open


Sep 8th 2014 - The Country's only Curiosity Museum is now open Wednesday - Sunday 11am-10pm, with a tiny cafe, cocktail & tapas bar on the gr…

A Day in The Life of Viktor Wynd


Sep 8th 2014 - National Geographic Documentary on The Society's Chancellor Viktor Wynd

Share Your Dreams


Jun 12th 2014 - Join our Facebook group to become part of the dream archive.